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Mosquito Misting Systems: Common Faqs

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Mosquitoes can ruin your time spent outdoors, but beyond that, these bloodsuckers are known to carry some pretty scary diseases. This concern has led a lot of homeowners to contact pest control agents for an easy remedy to a high mosquito population on their property. One of the more modern ways that mosquitoes are being treated is with an automated mosquito misting system. These systems have a spray nozzle that produces a fine mist periodically to kill any mosquitoes in a certain area, and they can do a really good job. Here is a look at some of the most common questions about these systems. 

Is a mosquito misting system safe?

It is best if you do not stand directly in front of the misting system when it is activated. However, beyond that, these systems are considered to be relatively safe. Just make sure you discuss how the system should be handled while it is in place on your property. Also, make sure you keep your pets and small children away from the mister. When the system is initially installed by the pest control agent, it will be placed in an area where it is not likely to come in contact with you or your household members while it is in use. 

Will the mosquito mister also kill other insects?

Whether the system will kill other types of pests will depend on what type of product is used to feed the system. Most of the pesticides used in these misters will also kill other types of flying insects, such as common houseflies or small stinging bugs. Even bugs that will not be killed may be deterred by the smell of the mist in the area. Your pest control agent will give you a more detailed explanation of what types of pests the mister may kill. 

Can you have multiple misters on your property?

If you have a major mosquito problem, it may be possible and more logical to install more than one mosquito mister on your property. People who live in wooded areas or near natural bodies of water often have far worse mosquito problems, so it is not uncommon for several misters to be precisely placed to cover several angles of the property. Keep in mind, however, that multiple misters will mean you will be using higher levels of pesticide, so costs of operation can be more expensive with multiple units. 

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