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Ants Taking Over More Than Your Outside Picnic? What You Can Do

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Those ants taking away food from an outside picnic in old cartoons may not exactly be totally accurate, but they aren't wrong either. Ants will take away your food and will invade your space. They have no boundaries and don't care that you don't want them in your home. Ants are looking for food and water to keep themselves and their colony alive. They won't eat too much, but their presence can be a pain. If ants are starting to take up residence in your home, read on for some helpful information to get rid of them.

1. Find Where They Are Coming In

Ants are getting into your home somehow and you need to figure out how they are doing so. Once you find their entrance point, you can stop more from coming in. Watching the ants and paying attention to ants outside of your home can help you find where they are coming in from. Once you find the entrance points, you need to make repairs to these areas to prevent more ants or other pests from coming into your home. Fill in holes with silicone and repair foundation cracks or holes using concrete caulking.

2. Start Killing The Live Ants

Any live ants should be killed using poisonous baits, or you can spray them using an all-natural bug spray made from vinegar, dish soap, and water. Setting baits made from diatomaceous earth or Borax can also be effective in killing ants as both are all-natural and will kill ants once they consume it. Sprinkle either around where you have spotted ants or place some Borax mixed with jelly in a small container to both attract and kill the ants.

3. Prevent Future Problems

Be sure to keep the area surrounding your home clean and tidy. This means you should remove piles or rubbish and clean up overgrown landscaping around your home. Trim trees and plants that have grown in thickly and too closely to your home. Make necessary repairs around your home, including entrance points and leaks around your home where ants may be attracted to for water. 

If you have an issue with ants, it's time to take action. Don't let them make off with your food and keep them out of your home using the tips above. If these pests are becoming too much of a pest for you to handle, it's time to call out the professionals. Call a pest control company like Abc Pest today to take care of this problem for you.