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4 General Pest Control Steps For The Backyard

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When you're looking for pest control tips, it is common to come across tips to be applied to a specific pest. For instance, you may find tips for ant control or a separate set of tips for termite control. There are differences between pests, but especially when it comes to the outdoors, there are actually some general steps you can take to keep most pests at bay. Address pests as a group, rather than individually. Here are those steps.

1. Make sure your yard drains well.

Pests of all types need moisture. This is true of ants, roaches, and even termites. (Termites like moist wood better than dry wood.) If you can keep your yard dry, you will have a lot fewer pests issues overall. So how to you keep your yard drained? Start by making sure any ditches around the perimeter of your yard are clear. You may need to have an additional ditch or two dug in wet areas. Also, make sure your land is sloped away from your house. If there is a hill that is sloped towards your house, you will often end up with water pooling near your foundation, which will attract pests. You may need to hire a landscaping company to come and do some resurfacing work, but this is easier in the long run than dealing with pest invasions.

2. Keep food cleaned up.

Pests love trash. So keep your outdoor trash can covered, and position it a good distance from your house. Make sure you spray and scrub the outsides of your garbage cans a few times per year to keep yucky buildup at bay.

3. Don't let rainwater collect.

Rainwater that collects in things like tires, birdbaths, and wheelbarrows can be a breeding grounds for mosquitoes and a water source for all sorts of other bugs. Make sure you are picking items up regularly, rather than leaving them in the yard to collect water. If you do store items like wheelbarrows and buckets outside, turn them upside down so they can't collect water.

4. Clean up animal feces.

If you have a dog or cat who uses the bathroom in your yard, do not just leave it to decompose. It will attract all sorts of bugs. Clean up the feces regularly to keep pests at bay.

If you follow these four principles outdoors, you should have a lot fewer pests in and around your home.