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4 Rodent Treatment Tips To Follow When You First Move In

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When is the best time to treat a rodent problem? Before you even move in! That's right — if you are about to move into a new home, there are some steps you can and should take beforehand in order to help keep rats, mice, and other rodents from moving in with you. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, for sure.

1. Check for cracks and holes, and have them filled. 

Rats don't use the front door (unless your front door has a hole in it). They sneak in small cracks and crevices that you don't realize are there. It is easier to fill these cracks and holes before you move in since there won't be furniture blocking them. Survey your basement and attic walls and fill any cracks with spray foam or caulk. Make sure you also caulk the gaps around pipes and cables that enter your home. A tiny mouse can chew an opening to make it bigger, so don't skip even the tiniest gaps and holes.

2. Trim any overgrown weeds and brush.

Often when you buy a property, it will not have received the best landscaping care for a month or two. If there are overgrown weeds, especially close to the home, these weeds could be an inviting place for rodents to nest before later moving into your home. Trim the weeds and brush before moving in.

3. Invest in good, covered garbage cans.

People tend to forget that their trash is also a rodent attractant after they put it outside. If mice or rats find their way into your trash can, you'll soon have a bunch of them in your yard, and soon after that, they'll venture into your home. Before you move in and start generating trash, make sure you buy a good trash can with a tightly fitting lid. Buy an extra trash can, too, so you are never stuck leaving a bag of trash unsecured.

4. Set a few traps.

Just in case there are already a few rodents living in the home, set a couple of traps before you move in. A couple of basic mouse traps and a rat trap or two in the basement should be enough. Set them a few days before you move into the home, so that by the time you do move in, any rodents have been trapped. 

With the tips above, you can prevent a rodent infestation when you move into a home. Contact a pest control company if you do catch some rodents and need help treating an active infestation or if you want to learn more about rodent treatments.