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Do You Have A Termite Problem In Your Garage Door? Signs You Need Professional Help

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Termites can make their way into your home and cause a lot of damage, but, sometimes, they start out in one concentrated area of the house. The garage door is often made of wood and easy to access from the outside, so this is one spot where some homeowners will often see an issue with termites first. Here is a look at some signs you may have termites in your garage door.

You find termite frass underneath the garage door

Termite frass, which is essentially just termite excrement, will show up in places where termites feed the most. Even if you do not see the termites, you will likely find their frass collected in small piles where the pests are doing the most of their feeding. For example, you may see a lot of this material just under the garage door, or you may see it fall out when the garage door is in motion. The frass looks a lot like dirt or dust, so it is easy to shrug off as something else. However, if you see what you believe to be termite frass, it is best to contact a pest control expert for an examination. 

The wood of the garage door has a hollow sound in certain spots

When termites invade a piece of wood, they often do so in a way that is unseen because they hang out in the interior of the wood and create tunnels through it as they eat up the material. This causes some of the wood to have a hollow sound when you tap against it or knock on it. You can usually find spots where termites have been by doing a simple knock test just to check for changes in wood density within the wood. If you hear a lot of variances in sound, it is a good sign you need to contact a professional termite control service to take a look. 

Mud tunnels show up in odd places

Termites like to be able to travel in a concealed way, so they create these mud tunnels that lead to and from their nest and food sources. These tunnels are narrow strips of mud that may be attached to the concrete on the garage floor or the driveway, and they will likely lead to the wooden garage door. You can bust them open with your foot and will likely see a few bugs inside. if you eliminate them by knocking them loose and sweeping them up, they will likely start to form again within a few days. 

For more information on termites and termite control services, contact a local pest control company.