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Rodents Keep Returning? What Needs To Be Done

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Rodents are creatures of habit, if they find a place that they like, they're going to keep coming back to it. If they are finding food at your house, when the weather turns cold, they're going to keep coming back, and their descendants are also going to make your home theirs as well. Rodents can find their way back to your home, even if you catch one and attempt to do a live release of it in the field near your house. The rodent will find its way back to your house. If you are getting rodents every cold-weather season, even after you thought you'd gotten rid of them, there's a reason. Read on for tips to help you get rid of them for good this time.

Figure Out What They Are Getting Into

Figure out what it is that they are getting into and what they are after. Maybe whatever they are getting into, you are giving them access to it over and over again every cold-weather season. It is a stockpile of your leftover garden compost you have laying in your yard that is luring them to your home, or is it the leftover bags of bird seed in your garage? Is it the compost you have in your home, or is it simply your pantry food that is luring them to your home? Figure out what exactly they are getting into and start sealing it all. If it's outside of your home, you need to clean your yard and get rid of the compost piles. Toss out the old birdseed you have left over before the cold-weather months hit and get it out of your garage. If it's your pantry food the rodents are after, seal the food to prevent the rodents from getting to it.

Set Traps All Over

Set traps all over inside your home and in your garage as well. If they are coming into your home via your garage, you can trap them before they get into your home. Set and reset the traps as often as necessary until you no longer find rodents in your traps. Make sure wherever you set the traps, your pets or small children aren't able to get to them to prevent injury.

If rodents are getting into your home, there is an entry they are using, you're also going to need to use a flashlight to find out where this entrance is and seal up the entryway to prevent them from returning to your house. Call a rodent control company to get rid of the rodents for good this time.