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Protect Your Landscaping: How To Stop Clover Mite Damage

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Now that summer is here, you need to worry about your lawn. If you have a lawn care routine that includes the basics, such as watering and mowing, you may think that's enough. But, your lawn needs more than that, especially if you want to keep the hidden dangers away. One of those hidden dangers is the clover mite. Clover mites are small, red pests that feed on grass and plants. They're only about the size of a pinhead, but they can do a lot of damage. That's why pest control is so important. Here are four steps you can take to keep clover mites out of your yard.

Give Your Lawn a Pesticide Treatment

If you want to keep clover mites out of your yard, make sure you treat your lawn. If left untreated, your lawn can suffer serious damage from clover mites. In fact, once clover mites infest your yard, they'll keep eating until they've destroyed your lawn. The best way to keep clover mites out of your yard is to give your lawn a pesticide treatment. When you have your pest control company out to treat your home this summer, make sure to get a lawn spraying service as well. 

Create a Barrier Around Your Home

If you have grass growing all the way up to your home, it's time to make some changes to your landscaping. When clover mites invade yards, they look for places to nest. That's often in the cracks around the foundation. Unfortunately, those nesting spots give clover mites the opportunity to expand their numbers. One way to prevent clover mite infestations is to create a barrier around your home. Clear a one to two-foot path around the perimeter of your home. Place landscape sheeting down and cover the path with gravel. 

Keep Your Gardens Cleared

If you have debris in your gardens, you need to get that cleared away. Dead leaves and vegetation provide ample hiding places for clover mites. One of the best ways to keep clover mites out of your gardens is to keep the soil clear. To do that, you need to rake up dead leaves and vegetation at least once a week. If you have fruit trees, pick up fruit as soon as it falls to the ground. 

Avoid Over Watering Your Landscaping

When it comes to keeping clover mites out of your yard, you want to watch the way you water. Overwatering your lawn can cause a couple of problems. First, too much spray can encourage mold and algae growth on your home. Clover mites are attracted to those substances. That means the spray will encourage increased clover mite activity. Also, overwatering keeps your soil too moist. Unfortunately, that also increases clover mite activity. To keep clover mites away, try to avoid overwatering.