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Six Maintenance Tasks Around Your Home's Exterior That Can Help Keep Pests Away

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One of the most common reasons why homeowners experience pest infestations is because they're not keeping up with maintenance around their home's exterior. There are numerous ways pests can be attracted to and succeed in infiltrating your home when you've been slacking on maintenance.

The following are six maintenance tasks you need to take care of around your home's exterior to minimize your chances of experiencing pest infestations. 

Replace missing vent screens on your soffits

Over time, vent screens behind soffits can come loose or develop tears and gaps. When this happens, pests including birds, bats, and mice can sometimes enter a home through the attic. 

You should occasionally have your soffit vents inspected. If they are damaged, it's important to have them replaced right away before any pests get in. 

Repair tears in your screen doors

Screen doors are important for keeping insect pests out of your home. Unfortunately, the screen over these doors is fairly fragile and will inevitably become torn over time. Inspect your screens and replace them when you notice that tears have developed. 

Clean out your gutters

Gutters that are clogged with debris like leaves, dirt, and bird nests can create the perfect insect breeding grounds. That's because clogged gutters often cause standing water to form that insects like mosquitoes love.

You should inspect your gutters and clean them out if you notice that debris has built up in them. 

Trim and mow your lawn and landscaping features

Overgrown landscaping features give pests plenty of hiding spaces. By keeping your yard trimmed back and orderly, you'll make your home less attractive to pests. Avoid allowing vegetation to grow right up against your home, and mow your lawn frequently to keep the grass level low. 

Repair downspouts that are not connected properly

The gutter system of your home needs to include properly functioning downspouts to channel rainwater away from your home's perimeter. If your downspouts are damaged, puddles are likely to develop underneath them as waterfalls straight to the ground.

Standing water attracts all kinds of pests. Make sure your downspouts are connected and functioning properly to prevent puddles from forming around your home after heavy rains. 

Give your grill a thorough cleaning

Outdoor grills are often very attractive to pests like rodents and insects. Often, food is left stuck to a grill's interior that attracts pests. When you clean your grill, make sure that you scrub it thoroughly and remove all the food on, in, and around it. 

To learn more information, reach out to pest control services near you.