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Think You Have Bed Bugs? Know How To Inspect Your Home

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One pest that no one wants to have in their home is bed bugs. Getting rid of these pests starts with knowing how to identify them so that you can bring in a professional to exterminate them.

Gather Your Tools

There are not many tools that you need to inspect for bed bugs. You'll need a flashlight and something thin to get between small cracks, such as a plastic credit card. Once you have these two things, you'll be ready to start looking for signs of an infestation of bed bugs.

Know The Signs Of Bed Bugs

There are several key signs to look out for when trying to identify if you have bed bugs. Look for blood stains that are rust like or red in color, since bed bugs will leave these behind after they've bitten someone and are full of blood. They can also leave behind droppings that are small black stains on the fabric. Their skin shells may be left behind from molting, or you'll see actual dead bed bug bodies. They are typically no bigger than an apple seed and are flat and brown.

Check The Primary Area

Start by looking at where bed bugs are most likely to be hiding, which is the bedroom. Those blood stains or droppings may be on anything made out of fabric. Pull back the sheets and look on the surface of the mattress, as well as the edges where the seams come together. Lift up the mattress and look along the base of the box spring, then lift up the box spring and pull back the dust cloth and look there as well. 

Bed bugs may be hidden in places within the bed frame as well. Use your credit card to push through small gaps in the bed frame to see if anything comes out, such as shells, bodies, or droppings. 

Check The Secondary Areas

Now that the bed is checked, you'll need to do a similar inspection around places nearby where the bed bugs could be hiding. The possibilities are endless, but some areas to look at are inside the small gaps of furniture, behind your electrical plates, in fabric curtains, and even between door frames. You can never be too thorough since bed bugs are so small that they could be hiding anywhere.

If you need help locating and exterminating bed bugs in your house, work with a local pest control specialist for assistance.