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3 Steps For Getting Rid Of Raccoons

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If you have raccoons that have taken over your yard or are trying to get into your attic and your home, you are going to want to take steps to keep them out. Raccoons are great when they are running around in the wild but not so awesome when they get too close to your home.

Step #1: Get Rid of Food Sources

Raccoons are wild animals, and they generally don't get close to your home for no reason. Raccoons tend to get close to homes because your yard or house presents an opportunity for them to access food easily.

Raccoons love trash, both for eating and discovering treasures. Clean your trash cans inside and out to make sure they are not emitting a welcoming smell. Do this every few months. Make sure you are throwing trash away inside garbage bags, which will help contain the trash smell, and not just throwing open trash into the cans. Make sure the lids are secured on your trash bins and consider using a bungee cord over the top as well to secure the lid further.

Raccoons also like to eat up fallen berries and fruit from trees and plants. If you have bird feeders, they may be enjoying all the seeds that fall from them. Raccoons are also known to get into pet food that is stored outside as well. Often, getting rid of food sources is all you need to do to get rid of the raccoons.

Step #2: Use Racoons Repellents

Next, you can use repellents to keep the raccoons out of your yard and away from your home. You can use liquid spray repellents around targeted areas, such as around your trash cans or around bird feeders.

You can also put granular repellants around your yard to create a keep-away barrier. A pest control animal removal team can help you apply these repellents; keep in mind you will need to likely do multiple applications to get rid of the raccoons.

Step #3: Trap the Raccoon 

Finally, if securing and eliminating food sources and using repellents don't work, you will need to call in an animal removal team to trap and remove the raccoons. In most areas, a live raccoon trap will be set-up. These traps are made of metal and are large enough to accommodate one full-sized raccoon. A professional will need to bait the trap with something enticing.

The animal removal specialist will come out and check on the trap every day, or you can call and let them know if a raccoon is caught. They will then take the raccoon away to a designated area far away from your home and release the raccoon, usually in a wilderness area.

Reach out to a wildlife removal service to learn more.