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Bed Bugs In Your Area? Keep Them Out Of Your Home With These Preventative Tips

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Bed bugs can be found across the country, but they are certainly more common in some areas than in others. Maybe you've known a few people who have had bed bugs in your area, or perhaps you have heard on the news that your area is experiencing a surge in these pests. How can you make sure you don't bring the bed begs into your home? Here are some preventative tips.

Don't buy used beds, bedding, or furniture.

When bed bugs infestations are surging in your area, it is best not to bring any used beds and bedding into your home. If you need a new mattress and are on a budget, buy new from a discount store rather than purchasing a used one. Bed bugs can live in sofas and plush recliners, too, so avoid buying these items used. If you buy a used piece of hard furniture, such as a metal table, give it a wipe-down with bleach or another strong cleaner before you bring it inside. You never know if the owner had bed bugs, and there may be a few eggs lingering on the piece of furniture, waiting to infest your home.

Don't sit on other people's soft furniture.

If you visit someone else's home, do not sit on their sofa or recliner. Sit on a hard chair, such as a dining room chair instead. Bed bugs can infest even the cleanest, tidiest homes, so this is not anything personal against the homeowner — it's just a smart precaution. If you do end up in a situation where there's really no choice other than to sit on plush furniture, wash your clothing in hot water as soon as you get home. This should kill any bed bugs and bed bug eggs. (They hate heat!)

Leave your shoes outside.

Sometimes people bring bed bugs into their home on their shoes. All it takes is walking across a carpet that's infested with these pests. Get into the habit of always leaving your shoes outside, and you'll avoid tracking the bugs in. If you want to bring a pair of shoes inside, stick them in your clothes dryer on high heat for a few minutes first. This should kill any bed bugs.

When your area has a surge in bed bug infestations, you will want to be careful. Follow the tips above, and contact a bed bug control company immediately if you suspect you might have these bugs in your home.