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4 Type Of Traps That You Can Use To Catch Those Pesky Mice

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Have mice coming into your home and not sure what to do about them? You'll likely need to hire an exterminator to get rid of them and find the places that they are sneaking in. However, until an exterminator arrives, you will want to find ways to control the mice so they are not running wild in your home. Here are the types of traps that you can use on your own.

Snap Traps

The most common type of mouse traps is going to be a snap trap. The idea is that you place a piece of bait on a spring loaded trap, and as soon as the mouse touches it, the extremely sensitive trap is set off and clamps down on the neck of the mouse, killing it fairly quickly. These traps are both affordable and reusable, so you can keep setting them out night after night to catch as many mice as possible.

Glue Traps

Glue traps are a way to trick mice into getting stuck in a trap so that they cannot move. You place them in the paths where mice tend to walk, which are along the walls, and the hope is that the mouse walks right into it or eats the bait inside the glue trap. Of course, one of the problems is what to do with the live mouse that you've caught in the trap. If you are a bit squeamish, this trap may not be best for you.

Spin Traps

Spin traps are typically a trap that you use once and then throw away. The trap has a small compartment the mouse crawls into, and then when the bait is taken, the trap spins shut and kills the mouse. The whole trap is designed to be thrown away so that you do not have to look at the dead mouse that you caught. While not the most economical kind of mouse trap, it definitely makes cleaning up the trap a breeze. 

Electric Traps

There are electric traps that you can buy that will zap a mouse with electricity when it goes into the compartment, killing them quickly and cleanly. These traps cost a bit more but can be reused hundreds of times before you need to change the batteries. There are even electric traps that connect to your smartphone and will give you a push notification every time it catches a mouse so that you know it is time to empty the trap. 

An pest control professional can give you advice about which types of trap are best for your situation. Call an exterminator in your area to learn more.