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Keeping Ants Out Of Your Kitchen

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Ants tend to emerge in the spring and summer and seem to find their way into kitchens in search of food and water. If you have had an ant problem in the past or if you have seen ants inside of your kitchen, taking steps to eliminate and keep them away is necessary.

Start By Tending To Food Properly

The food you keep in your kitchen is at risk of becoming a meal for ants if it is not protected properly. Always place leftovers in a container with a lid to seal it in place. This minimizes odor so ants are not as apt to discover the food. Check that the gasket on your refrigerator is sealed properly so ants do not make their way inside. Sprinkle a bit of talcum powder along the bottom of pantry doors and along the bottoms of cabinet flooring to keep ants away from these areas. Ants do not enjoy walking in chalky substances. Dispose of food waste directly in garbage cans away from your kitchen as well.

Perform Proper Cleaning To Keep Ants Away

Ants congregate in areas where there is a known food supply. In the kitchen, crumbs fall on floors, and food remnants adhere to countertops. Mop or sweep floors after meals and wipe down surfaces where food was resting or prepared. Do not leave dishes in your sink, but rather rinse and wash them promptly to avoid the possibility of an ant invasion. When ants discover a food source, they leave behind a scent so other ants are able to find their way to the food themselves. Cleaning regularly eliminates these scent trails so the ant population visiting your kitchen is not as great.

Consider Ant Bait Traps In Key Locations

Ant bait traps are small plastic items you place in areas where ants are known to gather. Ants eat the bait inside of the traps and bring it back to their nests to share with others. If you decide to use these traps, make sure they are kept in areas away from pets and small children. It is best to position traps along the perimeters of walls as these are areas ants use to get around unnoticed. Ants also gather in areas where moisture is abundant, so place traps underneath sinks and near pet water bowls, if applicable. In time, the number of ants in your kitchen dwindles as more ants in colonies are provided with bait from the traps.