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How To Find Termites In Your Home

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Termites could be flying or crawling around undetected in your home. You may have seen them and not even realized what they were. If you do have termites at your home, there may be a chance that these pests are actually eating through your home and you don't even realize it. These pests could be making your home uninhabitable or even dangerous if they are chewing through wood such as support beams, or your door and window frames. To help prevent an issue, you need to find these pests and get rid of them. Read on for tips to help you find these pests in or around your home.

Look For The Actual Pests

Again, if you don't know what you're looking for, you may not even be aware that you have termites. If you aren't sure what these pests look like, you could be mistaking them for other pests. They can look like flying ants, although their wings are slightly different. Flying termites have equal-length wings and have 4 wings total (front and back). Flying ants have 4 wings also, but their wings are different in size. Flying ants also have a pinched waist, while a flying termite has a thicker waist. If you can get a close look at these pests, try to spot this difference to see if you have termites or just flying ants. Termites don't all fly, either; they may also be crawling on the ground or in tunnels made from mud.

Look For Signs Of Their Presence

Spotting the actual pest is one way to spot these pests, but so is seeing some other signs of them. Pay attention to sawdust around your home. If you see sawdust and you haven't been doing any projects that have required you to saw wood, you may have termites. You may also notice rotting wood or hollow-sounding wood, meaning there is wood rotting on the inside of your home. If you can hear hollow sounds when you knock on the wood and see sawdust, you could potentially have a termite problem. You may also have seen holes in the wood of your home where these pests have been getting inside.

Termites can be easily hiding around your home, going undetected until you have a major issue. If you have a termite infestation or you think you have a problem with these pests, hire a termite control service to get rid of them for you.