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Early Signs You Have A Pest Problem

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All too often, homeowners wait until they're facing a serious infestation before they call a pest control company. In most cases, the pest control company can still rid the home of pests at this point, but doing so is a lot of work—and there may be some lasting damage the homeowner has to worry about, too. A lot of this hassle can be avoided when homeowners realize that they have a pest problem and call the pest control company immediately. So what are the early signs you need to call the pest control company?


Many pests, including everything from cockroaches to rats, are sneaky. They hide out of sight, and they scurry out of the way when they hear you coming. As such, it's common for homeowners not to see any actual pests until the problem gets really out of hand. What you will see, though, are pest feces. Now, these can take many forms, depending on the pest you're dealing with. Rat feces look like large, black grains of rice. Mouse feces look like tiny, dark grains of rice. Cockroach feces look like coffee grounds. If you see anything that appears to be feces, you should call a pest control company.

Strange Odors

Each pest comes with its own signature scent, but all of these scents are stinky and unpleasant. Cockroaches can smell like sweaty gym socks. Rats and mice may leave behind a strong urine odor. Ants often give off a somewhat sweet, yet still somewhat stinky smell. If your home has an odor and you can't figure out where it's coming from, have a professional come check for pests.

Odd Noises

Mice and rats make quite a lot of noise in the walls or as they scamper through the attic. If you hear these noises, don't assume it's just a couple of pests that will soon move on; they won't unless you make them. Cockroaches sometimes cause scratching and ticking noises, which homeowners sometimes mistake for a branch rubbing against their home or something similar. Further, if you hear a constant tapping coming from your basement, that could be termites chewing away at your wood.

The earlier you seek help for a pest problem, the better. The worst that will happen is your pest control service arrives, tells you there's not in fact a pest problem, and you can then rest assured that you've done your best to keep your home safe. For more information, contact a pest control company.