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Pest Control Treatment Recommendations For Your Rodent Issues

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Rats, mice, and other rodent pests are a problem when they take up residence on your property. Even if they remain in your yard, they are at risk of making their way into your home where they can bring many dangers to you. They can cause problems, such as disease and contamination to damage to your property, which can be costly to repair also put you at risk of a fire. Here are some recommendations to help you control rodents in your yard and garden and to help keep them out of your home.

Remove Food Sources

One of the first keys to eliminating rodents from your property is to remove anything accessible to them that they will eat. If there is a food source on your property, the rodents will stay there and make it a great home. If you feed pets outside, keep the food stored in sealed containers, such as thick plastic, glass, or metal, and put it away at night, which is when rats are more likely to feed. If you keep livestock, use feeders that reduce and eliminate spilled feed so rats don't get it. 

Next, you should look at food sources around your property that may not be as obvious as pet and livestock food. If you grow a vegetable garden or have trees that produce nuts, these can all provide food for rodents. Keep the nuts picked up off the ground if they fall, and remove rotting produce from the plants at the end of the season. Keep your outdoor trash closed up and sealed off so rodents can access it. Never place bagged trash outside on its own because rodents will easily chew through the bag.

Treat Shelter Sources

After handling food sources in your yard, you can next look at places of shelter rodents may make their home. When you have a pest problem, you will need to remove anything that can provide shelter, including old tires, broken vehicles, tools, and equipment. Trim back vegetation from around your home's foundation so it is not overgrown. Removing these hiding places will not only remove the potential for rodent homes on your property but can help keep your home safe from burglars. 

Next, you can leave out bait traps and other poisons to eliminate the rodents in your yard. Your local pest control professional knows the type of traps or baits to use to effectively get rid of your rodent problem. They will place the baits and traps then return after a period of time to check them and repeat the process when necessary.

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