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Enjoying a Mosquito-Free Backyard

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During the warmer months of the year, especially those with high humidity and moisture, homeowners tend to notice more mosquitoes. These pests can easily ruin an outdoor affair if they are present in high numbers. Here are some ways to reduce the mosquito population living on your property so you can enjoy outdoor activities without these pests causing havoc.

Do Your Best to Keep Moisture at a Minimum

Mosquitoes use standing water to breed. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance to reduce moisture from your property to help keep the mosquito population at a minimum. If you have a birdbath, kiddie pool, fountain, or fish pond upon your grounds, use a cover or dump out water from within the item during times you do not intend on enjoying its amenities. Other tips include:

  • Keep on top of chlorine distribution in larger pools.
  • Check your driveway for indentations and have a service fill them in if they regularly fill with water after precipitation.
  • Drill holes in the bottoms of your garbage cans and recycling receptacles to encourage natural water elimination.
  • Remove debris from your gutter system and check that downspouts are diverting moisture away from the area as needed.
  • Remove any containers or old tires on your property as they are prone to water retention.

Encourage Natural Predators to Your Property

There are a few predators that will aid in eliminating mosquitoes if you allow them to remain upon your property. Bats and colonial purple martin birds both eat mosquitoes. Encourage their presence by installing bat boxes and birdhouses in areas where insects are abundant. 

Switch Your Outdoor Light Bulbs

Mosquitoes and other insects are drawn toward traditional light bulbs. To reduce the population of mosquitoes that get too close to your home and surrounding areas, swap bulbs with yellow-hued alternatives. These are harder for insects to see, helping to keep them away from your property as a result. 

Consider a Yearly Spray Treatment

Mosquito spraying is done by a professional pest control service and works well at eliminating mosquitoes in their entirety. The service will come to your home and use high-powered spraying equipment to douse your property with an effective insecticide. Consider having this process conducted at the beginning of warmer weather so larvae do not have the chance to mature into full-grown mosquitoes. Be sure to ask how long people and pets should remain indoors after application.

To learn more about mosquito control, contact companies like The Mosquito Masters.