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Why Bed Bugs Are The Worst Pests And Why You Should Always Call For Professional Pest Control

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There are many pests across North America that affect millions of people on a  daily basis. From termites and tarantulas to possums and alligators, each presents its own challenges, but perhaps none are as feared by homeowners and pest control companies as bed bugs. Bed bug pest control is one of the most thorough and intense of all the different areas of pest control, and there are very good reasons for that. If you ever even suspect that you may have bed bugs, here are a few reasons why you should call for bed bug control immediately.

You Transport Them

Unlike other types of pests, a bed bug's primary method of transport is through you. That means that wherever you go, you can carry them and their eggs with you. Not only does that make it hard to contain an initial outbreak to one room or one area of your home, but it also means that they can physically affect you. If you notice any red marks on your body or see any small brown insects in your clothing do not just shrug it off, get your home checked by a bed bug pest control contractor to either confirm or deny your suspicions.

Affected Items Almost Always Need To Be Thrown Out

While this is not a universal rule, it is certainly true that nearly everything bed bugs touch need to be thrown out. Whether that is your mattress, your clothing, the seat cushioning in your chair, or whatever else, bed bugs are so intensely hard to remove that it is often just not worth it. That does not mean the solution to bed bugs is to simply throw out your entire wardrobe and furniture collection, but it certainly forms part of it, along with fumigation and other techniques that get into the tight spaces where bed bugs love to hide.

They Multiply Quickly

Because of their small size, propensity to hide in hidden places, and general desire to not move about in the daytime, bed bugs can often stay undetected for, at the very least, weeks at a time. If that happens, they can multiply into several hundred, and if they are not noticed for a few months, this can get exponentially bigger. You need to make sure that every bed bug in your home is killed; otherwise they can come back quickly, which is why you should always use professionals over DIY methods.