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Do You Have A Termite Infestation? The Top 4 Treatment Methods

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Termites can cause unimaginable damage in a home. Usually, they hide in the structures underneath the house and eat it from inside. If left unchecked, your house will be standing on hollowed-out tubes.

Therefore, you should contact pest control services immediately after you notice the earliest indicators of termite damage on your property. The experts will assess the situation and offer the most ideal termite treatment alternative for your needs. Here are the top four termite treatment techniques experts use.

Treating Your Soil

Subterranean termites thrive well in the soil. And so, it is easy to control them by treating the infested soil. In this case, the pest control experts will not only pour the chemicals into the soil around the foundation but also create a protective barrier against possible termite infestation.

Additionally, they dig a trench and fill it with termiticide. The treatment will kill any termites that get near the trench. This treatment can protect your residence from future termite infestations for many years.

Treating the Wood

The major component of the house that termites will attack is the wood. Therefore, you should treat the wood if you want to safeguard your home from structural damage. Pest control experts use various wood treatments to kill an existing termite colony and prevent them from reproducing. They include surface sprays, foams, and injected sprays.

Furthermore, you can apply the treatment to the surface of the wood during the home's construction phase. Treating the wood is an excellent idea because even if the termites find ways of penetrating the chemical soil barriers, they will not attack the frame of the building.

Getting Proper Bait Systems

A bait system is another viable strategy to exterminate pests. In this case, the professional chooses points around the perimeter of your home to install bait stations. The termites die when they come into contact with these stations. In addition, the baits are placed at a given frequency to ensure that your entire home has complete protection from possible termite damage.

Temperature Control System

Some exterminators use electronic and temperature control techniques to get rid of these unwanted guests. These methods are based on the fact that termites only thrive at certain temperatures. Therefore, altering the indoor temperatures can eliminate the termite population. You should apply the treatment as soon as the insects make a comeback.

The method you choose to treat termites depends on many factors. But it would be best to allow the professional pest control experts to handle the process since they understand the best way to do it.

Contact a local pest control service as soon as you notice termites in your home.