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Problems With Cockroaches? Tips To Get Them Out And Keep Them From Coming Back

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If you have seen cockroaches in your home, you need to contact a pest control company immediately. The last thing you want is for this problem to get out of hand and be infested with these pests. Keep reading so your home can be free from cockroaches and how to keep them from coming back again.

Remove Cockroaches

Cockroaches generally come out at night, so get up in the night and turn on your kitchen light quickly. You will see them on your countertop scurrying to get out of sight. This can tell you how many you have. If you see a lot of them on your countertop, then you likely have many more in your home. 

Instead of taking care of the problem yourself, contact a pest control company.  They will first do an inspection in the kitchen, the bathrooms, the basement/attic, and all your closets to find cockroaches. They will lay glue traps in areas they suspect the roaches are infesting. This gives the contractor an idea of how many roaches you have in your home. Gel bates are often used in different areas to kill roaches. The contractor will spray a pesticide inside your home where cockroaches are, or they may use a dust. 

The pest control contractor may spray outside around the perimeter of your home to kill roaches outside as well.  A follow-up treatment is needed if your home is infested with cockroaches. During the first visit, there may be roach eggs that were still alive. If so, they will hatch in due time, and the problem will start over again unless you address it.

Prevent Cockroaches

The main way to prevent cockroaches is to keep food and moisture away. Clean up spills as they happen and repair all plumbing leaks. Even a dripping faucet gives cockroaches enough water to live. You may have water under your water heater, washer, etc. that you are not aware of. 

Never leave unwashed dishes or utensils sitting out on your countertop or in your sink. Instead, wash the dishes or put them in a dishwasher with a closed door. If you do not this gives the cockroaches enough food to thrive. Use a trash can with a tightly sealed lid and take out the trash in your kitchen when it becomes full. Put cereals and other dried goods in sealed containers. 

A pest control company can give you many more cockroach prevention tips. For more information, contact a local company, like Pass Pest Control.