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Four Termite Removal Methods That Keep the Destructive Pests Out of Your House

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If you notice mud tunnels along your foundation or see areas of damaged wood in your home, you might have termites. Termites are nothing to play around with since they can do a lot of damage to your house. Call a pest control company to investigate so you can find out for sure if you have termite activity on your property. Here are some options for termite removal that you might want to consider. 

1. Soil Treatments

Termites travel underground, so putting pesticides in the soil is one way to get rid of them. The pest control company might dig a trench around your house and then apply pesticide to the soil. Then they backfill the trench and let the termites find the pesticide as they crawl through the ground looking for food. Termites that are inside your house can also be killed this way since the pests will cross through the pesticide when they leave your house to return to their colony.

2. Bait Stations

Bait stations are common forms of termite removal. These are also placed under the ground for termites to discover. The advantage of using bait is that the termites carry the poison bait back to the colony so many termites are affected by it. The termites might die right away or the chemicals might work slowly by targeting the reproduction cycle of the termites.

Bait stations can also be used for monitoring. If a station starts getting more activity, then you know termites are back on your property. A pest control company can monitor the stations for you and take action when termites are active again.

3. Termite Foam

If termites have infested your home or an outbuilding, you might want to treat the wood with foam termiticide. You can spray the treatment in cracks and areas where termites are present. The pest control company may need to spray foam or liquid indoors periodically until the infestation is gone.

4. Habitat Control

Controlling the habitat in your home and on your property can help with termite removal. If you have a rotting tree stump near your home, or if you stack firewood against your house, you may be providing the termites with a sheltered place to live close to your home. Remove as much rotting and damp wood as you can, which might include repairing water drips. By making your home less enticing to termites, the termites in a big outdoor colony may head for places other than your home when they're seeking food and damp wood.

Reach out to a termite control professional for more information.