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A Pest Control Service Can Help You Eliminate These Four Bugs That Destroy Your Clothing

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Pest control is more than just eliminating bugs that scare or annoy you. Some bugs can be destructive or spread germs. By having pest control treatments, you have a better chance of keeping these bugs at bay. While termites and carpenter ants are two destructive bugs you may know about, you may not be too familiar with bugs that can ruin your clothing. These are four bugs that can infest your house and ruin your fabrics and clothes.

1. Clothes Moths

The larvae of clothes moths can ruin your stored clothing. They're known for eating holes in winter sweaters and other wool clothing. The adults aren't as destructive, but they must be eliminated to stop the production of larvae.

Getting rid of clothes moths takes a combination of pest control treatments and sealing your clothes so moths can't get to them. You might store sweaters in plastic bags or totes that snap shut. It's also good to store your clothing neatly since clutter attracts a variety of bugs and gives them plenty of places to hide.

2. Silverfish

Silverfish like to eat fabrics and food sources on your clothing. If you have a lot of silverfish in your house, that means your house has a moisture problem. Find the leak and have it repaired. Try to maintain a lower humidity in your house since several bugs are attracted to moist conditions. Once you have silverfish, you may need pest control treatments to eliminate them fast so they stop eating your clothing.

3. Roaches

Roaches eat nearly anything. They're mostly drawn to dirty clothes that have food and sweat stains on them. By chewing at the food, they cause damage to the clothing too. Plus, roaches leave stains on your clothing as well as foul odors.

Roaches can multiply fast in a cluttered environment, so part of controlling roaches is to wash dirty clothes rather than let them pile up and to get rid of messy clutter. Your pest control company may want you to clear clutter before they apply indoor pest control treatments so the treatments are more effective.

4. Carpet Beetles

These beetles are small bugs that like to eat fabrics. They ruin clothes as well as upholstery and carpet. It's actually the larvae that destroy fabrics rather than the adults. If they're in your carpet, you can vacuum them up, but the bugs can live anywhere, even in places where there are no fabrics. This makes them difficult to find and eliminate.

You may need to wash all of your clothes to kill the beetles and larvae. You might also need to clean your closet and baseboards along the carpet. A pest control professional can apply an insecticide that kills carpet beetles and stops their destruction.

Contact a pest control service to learn more.