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4 Tips For Catching Mice In Your Home

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Do you have mice in your home and are not sure what to do about them? Your initial instinct will be to set out some traps to catch them. Here are some tips for how you can catch mice on your own.

Learn Their Traffic Patterns

You'll want to figure out where the mice are traveling in your home, so you'll want to actually set out some food to see if it gets eaten. You'll want to take some small pieces of cheese and strategically place them around your home, and be sure to write them down to keep track of them all. Let a few days pass by and check the location of each piece of cheese. If the cheese is gone, you then know you have mice activity in that area.

Let The Mice Get Familiar With The Food

Mice are creatures that are very aware of their surroundings, and can even be cautious when food appears in places that they do not often see there. That's why it is worth it to keep putting food in those places for a couple more days so that the mice learn that it is an area where they can find food and will return. The mice will be comfortable and end up coming out of their hiding spot to feed.

Set Up Snap Straps In The Food Locations

Now you can get out the snap traps and place them in the places where you were setting the food. You'll want to set the snap traps up so that the bait is against the wall since mice tend to walk along walls where they feel safer. They'll run into the trap, see the food, and hopefully take the bait and get caught in the trap.

It's a good idea to use snap traps to catch mice rather than glue traps. Glue traps do not always hold a mouse, and if they do, then you'll need to deal with removing a live mouse from your home. You'll find that it is easier to use resettable snap traps until all the mice are gone.

Check The Traps Each Morning

Mice tend to come out during the night time rather than during the day time. You'll want to go around to all your snap traps and check them each morning. It's likely that you will not hear the traps go off overnight, and you don't want a dead mouse body to start to decompose and smell. It's easiest to remove the dead mice soon after they are caught in the trap.

For more tips, reach out to a mouse pest control service near you.