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Why Tenting Is An Effective Method Of Termite Control

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When you suspect you have termites in your home, call a termite control company. In addition to verifying you have termites and not ants, the exterminator will identify the termite type. This is important information to know so the best method of extermination can be chosen. When you have an infestation of drywood termites, your termite control service might recommend tenting and fumigation. Here's why tenting is an effective way to eradicate drywood termites.

Tenting And Fumigation Kills Hidden Termites

Drywood termites live inside your house. They burrow into the wood structure, and sometimes they are easy to overlook. If your home has a small, localized infestation, the exterminator might drill holes in the wood and inject treatments. However, that misses hidden nests if there are any, so all the termites may not be eradicated.

When your house is tented and fumigated, the termiticide can waft into cracks and seep into holes so your entire house is treated from the roof down to the basement and between walls. The termiticide will find and kill the drywood termites no matter where they are nesting.

The Process Takes A Few Days

Fumigating your house is done carefully so all of the termites are eliminated. The exterminator has tools that measure the concentration of the termiticide to ensure the right concentration is reached for long enough to do the job. The termiticide builds up in your house because of the tent that encloses your home. The exterminator monitors for leaks too so they know the insecticide isn't leaking out.

They'll also measure the level of termiticide when the treatment is over and your home has aired out to know that it's low enough for you to return home safely. Taking time to do the job right ensures all the termites get killed off.

Tenting And Fumigating Are Safe

Fumigation is effective at stopping a termite infestation. As a bonus, the process is safe too. Before work begins, the termite control company provides you with a list of preparation instructions. They'll tell you what to remove from your house and what to seal in plastic bags.

You'll also have instructions for what to do when you return to your home. You don't have to worry about coming into contact with the termiticide since it doesn't leave residue behind. However, since there is no residue, there is also no residual effect from the treatment. Fumigation isn't a preventative. You'll need to implement other termite control measures with the help of your pest control service to keep new termites from coming back.

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