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Protecting Your Home Against Rodent Invasions

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If you live in a wooded area, you have likely had occasions where a mouse had gotten inside your home. If a mouse is not removed right away, it has the potential to nest within walls and reproduce, leaving you with an infestation to deal with. Here are steps to take to aid in the protection of your home's interior against the presence of rodents.

Inspect And Repair Outdoor Breach Areas

The first line of defense in protecting your home against the intrusion of pests, including mice, is to check over the exterior for areas where they can gain access to the inside. Search for cracks, holes, and buckled siding pieces, or peeled away shingles and make repairs to them promptly. Make sure there is not ample space underneath doors where mice can wriggle through to your interior space. Add shims to doors or temporarily use door draft pillows when you are inside your home to help keep mice on the outside of your structure.

Use Deterrents Around Your Home

Mice scare easily and will run for cover if they feel they are being threatened. Add a few fake birds around your property to keep mice from getting too close to your structure. Make sure to move these decoys to different areas of your property every few days as mice will quickly learn if they are stationary, they can walk right on past without worry. Consider keeping a cat as a pet to help keep the rodent population in and around your home at a minimum.

Keep Food In Areas Away From Pests

Mice come into homes in search of warmth and food. If they do not have something to eat, they move on to other areas. For this reason, it is imperative to clean up after any meal preparation thoroughly. Keep leftovers in your refrigerator or in tightly-sealed containers in a pantry rather than on countertops. It is also necessary to tend to floors regularly to remove any food remnants that had fallen on them

Get A Pest Control Service To Evaluate Your Property

Do not get caught off guard by an unexpected pest invasion. Instead, contact a local pest control service to schedule an inspection of your home and its surrounding property. The worker dispatched to your home will check for signs of existing mice nests and use appropriate treatment to eliminate rodents in their entirety. Pest control services also provide clients with recommendations about further actions they can take around their home to help keep mice from intruding.

Reach out to local pest control services to learn more.